LED Dress

A dress lit up with LEDs that act as twinkling stars.

Remote Control Light Switch

I built a circuit that allows me to control my light with any device that can load a webpage and is on my home WiFi.

Automatic Plant Waterer

I figured that watering my flower is such an easy and mundane task and that since I do every single day, it should be automated.

Solar Car

I joined the University of Calgary Solar Car Team in my first semester of university for a chance to learn things, gain practical experience, and meet people that share my interests.

Link: Further Up Yonder

Video of beautiful time-lapse photography taken from the International Space Station and set to audio messages from its astronauts.

Man’s Reach Exceeds His Grasp

I’ve always wanted to try painting and thought I had a pretty good idea, so after much thought and a couple drawings, I attempted to paint it. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the moment the water reaches his hand, it turns into sand and is taken by the slight breeze.

Hand of Ozymandias

I was visiting my cousins in Radium, BC and decided to learn how to stick weld at their shop. I wanted to create some form of art, so with a bunch of pieces of scrap metal I threw together this hand.