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Tanner Collin

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Hi, I'm Tanner! I do firmware and web development in Calgary.

Contact Info

Telegram: @tannercollin



My main hobby is working on software projects. I typically design websites or build tools that make my life easier.

QotNewssource code

Hacker News, Reddit, Lobsters, and Tildes articles pre-rendered in reader mode. Optimized for speed and distraction-free reading.

Noticasource code

Send browser notifications from your terminal. No installation. No registration.

Spaceportsource code

Makerspace members' portal for Calgary Protospace. It tracks membership, courses, training, access cards, and more.

t0txtsource code

Minimal command line pastebin. Allows you to upload text notes from a bash pipe or web browser.


A filesystem that mounts your Standard Notes account as a directory of text files that you can edit.


Sometimes I create art or interactive tech.

LED Dress

A dress made out of LEDs that twinkle like stars.

Remote Control Light Switch

A device to toggle my lights remotely.

Automatic Plant Waterer

A device that automatically waters plants.

Solar Car

About my time volunteering with the University of Calgary Solar Car Team, where I designed a maximum power point tracker.

Man's Reach Exceeds His Grasp

My first attempt at painting with acrylic.

Hand of Ozymandias

A withered hand I welded out of scrap metal.


Various articles, mostly about computers.

Bypassing ISP Blocked Ports

Bypass ISP blocked ports using VPN port forwarding for public access.

My Backup Strategy

Details about the backup system for all of my data.

Choosing a Linux Flavour

A recommendation on which flavour of Linux to run.